International Videoart Festival

We are organising a world premiere of 10 works of Video Art on the same day in several venues around the world. The themes are: Video-Art, Visual Music and Animation.

When will it take place? Wednesday 12 September, 2018


  • Cine Le Corbusier at French Embassy (Brasília, Brazil)
  • Stoke Film Theatre (Staffordshire, England)
  • Reeves Theater/Vaughn Center (Tampa, United States)
  • Museo Artequin Viña del Mar (Chile)
  • Sala Concerti Pietro Sassu (Sassari, Italy)
  • Centro de Cultura Digital (Ciudad de México, Mexico)

Organising Committee

  • Antenor Ferreira (BR),
  • Santiago Echeverry (USA),
  • Dave Payling (EN),
  • Roberto Musanti (IT),
  • Alejandro Casales (MEX),
  • Loreto Labrin (CHI)

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