The Noisefloor festival began at Staffordshire University in 2010. Its aim is to showcase original works by international electronic music composers and experimental filmmakers. Early incarnations of Noisefloor aimed to explore dialogue between popular and experimental music. While this theme continues, the festival themes has expanded to reflect the research and artistic practice of staff members.

The festival is also an opportunity for our undergraduate and postgraduate students to present their work. On 2016, due to personnel changes, our campus move and updating of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the festival was devoted entirely to showcasing student work. In 2017, following the relocation of the Music department to the University’s main campus in Stoke-on-Trent, the festival invited contributions from professional artists. Student concerts featured again and reflected the strands of the professional events. It is hoped that this will help facilitate the development of an open and vibrant Noisefloor community that links learning and practice-research.

Past incarnations of Noisefloor have included paper sessions on a variety of topics related to the composition and performance of contemporary electronic music. While 2017 involved only concerts, we will look to include paper sessions again in future years. We also intend to invite applications for installations from 2018, in collaboration with our Fine Art department.

Previous contributors to Noisefloor include:

Simon Atkinson
BEER (Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research)
Duncan Chapman and Isobel Jones
Marc Estibeiro
Rajmil Fischmann
Louise Harris
Mark Harris
Tim Howle
Jo Hyde
Ben McManus and Carl Plant (Bitjam)
Shelley Parker
Dave Payling
Ben Ramsay
Doug Rouxel
Danny Saul
Simon Scott
Thilo Schölpen und Robert Schleisiek
Andrew Spackman (Nimzo Indian)
Bill Thompson (Professor Lo-Fi)
Eddie Wade
Si Waite (National Trevor)