PAYL – Electronic Music

My musical output started when playing in various bands in and around Sheffield after leaving school. The best of these was a band called Root Fish who gigged regular at places including the Leadmill, The Arches and the Music in the Sun Festival. Since going solo I have been fusing influences from House, Trance, EDM, Punk and dub and working mainly on computer written and produced material. More recently I have switched back to more conventional instrumentation and decided to put my voice to tape for the first time in many years! 

Most of my electronic tracks are free to download on Soundcloud.

PAYL – Faster

Drift – Deeper Sense

Root Fish


'IN THE LATE 1980S A MAD BUNCH OF PUNKS, DUB HEADS, FUNK FREAKS AND FREE PARTY PEOPLE came together to make this mad brew of music in their home town of Sheffield. Using guitars, computer beats samples and Cubase to create an unholy fusion of sound. We played many, many gigs, in Sheffield and beyond. We always loved playing Music in the Sun which was a multi cultural festival held in Sheffield with strong connections to Bob Marley and The Bob Marley studio. We played many parties and benefits gigs and had one track on The Made in Sheffield CD, which was a record to raise money for home less people in Sheffield. As a multi media band, we used computer generated images in our live shows. Dubbed by some as the bastard sons of Clock DVA. To which we must give grateful thanks to Mr Robert Baker for all his help and input. Also thanks to our then manager Mr Jamie Smith for all his hard work. Thank you to Root Fish fans in Sheffield for all their support, thanks to Smokescreen also. After several years and many ups and downs we called it a day. All the members of the band are still producing a wide spectrum of music in various projects from punk, blues to folk to electronic and Dance music.' D. Paskell (Singer and Guitarist)