PhD Portfolio

I created 5 compositions for my PhD, Visual Music Composition with Electronic Sound and Video, Colour Mirror, Soni-Chrome, Theravada Colour Morph, Space Movement Sound and Diffraction. Information and videos of each are below.



My first PhD portfolio piece using electroacoustic composition techniques.


Colour Mirror

Colour Mirror investigates the relationship between sound and image in a partially composed piece of visual music. The video colour content was used to algorithmically process 6 different audio timbre files. Red, green and blue colours were used to emphasise red, green and blue timbre files when the colours were more present in the video. This produces a strong link between what is seen and what is heard. Video mirroring is used extensively in the visual production and is primarily where the piece gets it's title from.


Theravada Colour Morph

Warning: Contains flashing colour strobes
This piece is an investigation into the relationships that exist between colours and sounds. The flow of the visual composition is heavily influenced by the electroacoustic musical structure with the musical gestures reflected distinctly in the quality of the moving images. To a lesser degree the hues, saturation and values of the colours interpret the timbral quality of the associated sounds but the inter-connecting relationships can be seen as a theme running through the piece. The music is not to be experienced as a soundtrack that runs separately to the visuals. This Visual Music should be experienced as a synaesthetic whole.


A collaboration between Heather Minchin (film) and myself (music) explores gradually changing lighting accompanied by extended textural sound



The final piece in my portfolio. Exploring the relationship between rain and noise, pure tones and brightness, sound textures and colour space. This is a piece of visual music with a deliberate coherence between sound and image